Gym Equipment

Gym accessory essentials. Stay hydrated during your workout with our range of gym bottles, including a 2.2L water bottle and metal flask. If you’re on the move, take your workout with you with a full set of resistance bands, or get your stretch on with our foam rollers and yoga blocks. Shop our full range of gym equipment below.

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Gymshark Water Bottle - 2.2 litre 1
Gymshark Shaker Bottle - Black 1
Gymshark iPhone 7 Plus Case - Black 1
Gymshark iPhone 7 Case - Black 1
Gymshark iPhone X Case - Black 1
Gymshark Water Bottle - Gymshark Blue/Black 1
Gymshark Running Belt - Black 1
Gymshark Foam Roller - Charcoal 1
Gymshark Buckle Keychain - Black 1
Gymshark Lifting Gloves - Black 1
Gymshark iPhone XS Max Case - Black 1
Gymshark Foam Studio Block - Black 1
Gymshark Cork Studio Block - Brown 1
Gymshark iPhone XS Case - Black 1